Ann Biswas

5th July 2017


Over the past few months Richard Pester and his son Stephen have redecorated nearly all the rooms in our property and have also done some outside work as well. The majority of the work has been carried out while we have been away on holiday. We have no hesitation at all in handing over the keys to Richard and Stephen and letting them do the work in our absence as they are completely trustworthy. They also performed extra activities like watering plants and sorting out leaking radiators in our absence. In addition they arranged and supervised an electrician and plumber to do other essential work.

They work to a high standard and keep mess and disruption to an absolute minimum and the house was clean and tidy on our return. We have no hesitation in highly recommending them to you all for their professionalism, high standard of work and the diligence in which they complete their duties.


Ann Biswas

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